Sarah Ezzi

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Sarah Ezzi is a Clinical Data Manager with 15+ years of experience with government and commercial clinical trials.  As the lead data manager for several commercial clinical trials, she sets priorities and timelines and oversees the data management team’s wide-ranging tasks. Ms. Ezzi ensures that project databases are CDASH compliant and coordinates CDISC standard implementation. … Read more

Jennifer Bryant

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Jennifer Bryant is a project director with 20 years of experience in leading globally based on-site and remote teams in the administration of complex, interdisciplinary HIV/AIDS and gene therapy clinical trials. She excels in managing multisite networks for clinical centers, conducting site qualification and readiness visits, negotiating contracts, initiating protocols, and overseeing site activities to … Read more

Christine Anderson

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Dr. Christine Anderson is a biomedical engineer and project director with 20 years of experience in the biopharmaceutical contract research industry and 18 years of experience in the medical device industry. At Westat, she manages a number of phase I through IV clinical studies for commercial and government clients involving protocol and case report form … Read more

Aileen (Kim) Nguyen

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Aileen Nguyen is a senior pharmacovigilance associate with 20 years of experience managing pharmacovigilance and regulatory affairs activities in clinical research environments. Ms. Nguyen provides support and oversight for serious adverse event report processing, safety database management, development and review of pharmacovigilance procedures,  medical writing tasks, pharmacovigilance-related consultation and training, and other activities. As a … Read more

Barbara Driver

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Barbara Driver is Vice President and Clinical Operations Lead in the Clinical Trials Practice. She joined Westat as a clinical research associate supporting the earliest clinical trials in pediatric and maternal HIV funded through NIH. She has served as Project Manager/Director of research studies spanning a wide variety of therapeutic areas in domestic and international … Read more

David Burgess

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David Burgess is a Senior Regulatory Affairs Associate with 25+ years of experience in conducting and managing clinical research. He provides regulatory support for pediatric HIV studies and U.S. Department of Defense clinical trials. Earlier in his career, Mr. Burgess served on a Human Subjects Protection Team, where he conducted regulatory reviews of domestic and … Read more

Stephen Black

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Stephen Black is a Manager of Biostatistics with 25+ years of experience in the biopharmaceutical industry. As group manager for the design and analysis section within the Clinical Trials Practice, he oversees programming support on projects, including those requiring production of tabulation and analysis datasets, tables, figures, and listings, as well as program testing and … Read more