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Westat CLS—Showcasing CRO Services to Commercial Clients

Westat Commercial Life Sciences.

November 10, 2021

Biopharmaceutical industry clients now have direct access to Westat’s clinical contract research organization (CRO) services and expertise through a new portal: Westat Commercial Life Sciences (Westat CLS).

“The website showcases our strengths in all areas of clinical trials support so that current and new clients and partners can appreciate how we will work with them step-by-step from trial design to regulatory processes, offering expertise and experience all along the way,” notes Nancy Dianis, Vice President and Director of Westat’s Clinical Trials Practice.

“We’re still Westat, with all the professional services support capabilities we have always offered,” she continues. “This website details what we can do for commercial biopharma clients. Moving Forward Together, the Westat CLS tagline, defines our mission: to collaborate with our clients to face the challenges of study implementation and develop solutions that help bring new drugs and therapeutics to market faster. Our goal is to deliver work our clients can stand behind and results that help them address some of the world’s most pressing health challenges.”

“Westat has decades of experience to draw on as we continue to meet this specialized market’s needs,” notes Whitney Smith, Associate Director. “Our staff has the flexibility and creativity to tackle challenges from trial design to regulatory processes. To spotlight their talents, we provide an Our Team page for one-click access to our technical leads, project managers, biostatisticians, epidemiologists, and more. These are the people who will work with our clients as an extension of their team—as trusted partners—and who are committed to finding solutions and moving projects forward.”

This new website serves as a gateway for clients to tap into the wide range of services we provide, adds Lauren Laimon, a Senior Project Director. “We have the expertise, creativity, and efficiencies to contribute through the entire project lifecycle, or we can tailor our support to exactly what is needed at any time on a project. We have also stepped in at the last minute to take over where needed,” she explains. “When it comes to choosing a CRO, Westat understands what is at stake for our clients, and we provide project management, clinical trials design, biostatistical support, site management and monitoring, regulatory affairs and operations, data management, pharmacovigilance, data monitoring, and medical writing for results they can stand behind.”

Westat has been providing support for 35+ years to the biopharma industry. On the website, we highlight 5 areas of expertise, providing case studies to illustrate our work. As always, we place a high priority on customized attention and client confidentiality regarding client products and services.

Vaccines. For 35 years, Westat has supported vaccine development studies and vaccine evaluations, including HIV, HPV, melanoma, chickenpox, and influenza. We have also established virtual networks to gather data on infection and complications, and vaccine effectiveness.

Pediatric studies. Westat services cover these vital studies, from early-phase pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamics safety studies to later phase efficacy studies. For a Zika study, for example, we provided extensive expertise in the investigation of adverse maternal/fetal outcomes and effects of the virus on children’s long-term growth and development. Also, the sponsor of a novel gene therapy for subjects with a rare inherited form of vision loss needed a replacement CRO to take over at the last minute for complete project management support. Westat provided a solid foundation for the integrity of the data moving forward, ensuring our sponsor could count on an optimally designed and statistically sound study.

Rare and emerging diseases. Zika and COVID-19 are just examples of how rare or emerging diseases can penetrate the population with devastating consequences. Westat has been a domestic and global partner in responding to biomedical and public health needs.

Oncology. Westat has been a leader in supporting oncology research throughout the entire lifecycle of a clinical program, from a phase 1 trial through Food and Drug Administration submission. Our work and support for the National Cancer Institute’s Cancer Trials Support Unit has been internationally recognized for research that leads to improving the lives of cancer patients with new treatments, controls, and cures.

Infectious diseases. Slowing the spread. Bending the curve. Shutting down the virus. From HIV to COVID-19, Westat is participating in groundbreaking research of a range of diseases to reduce transmission, develop treatments, and find therapies that can help save lives.

Westat has long been the established leader in survey research; some clients may be under the misconception that’s all we do. “Westat is a survey research company and much more, and we bring the same level of excellence to all areas of our work,” stresses Ms. Dianis. “We draw on our strengths in both federal and commercial work, being well versed in federal regulations for conducting clinical trials. It doesn’t matter who the client is or how they are funded,” she adds, “they want to get their drugs and therapeutics to market. One of the benefits of working with Westat is that we offer innovative solutions to fit each unique program. That’s what sets us apart from other CROs. And we continue to work with every client as if they are our only client.”

“We are excited to introduce the Westat Commercial Life Sciences website to our clients and partners,” Ms. Dianis notes, “and to continue providing forward-thinking and results-oriented services for many years to come!”

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