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Our creative, responsive experts bring fresh thinking and innovation to the center of clinical studies conducted with exceptional integrity delivering data you can stand behind and results that can help you address some of the world’s most pressing health challenges.

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Christine Anderson

Senior Study Director

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Stephen Black

Manager of Biostatistics

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Brenda Brewer

Project Director

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David Burgess

Senior Regulatory Affairs Associate

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Nancy Dianis

Vice President & Practice Director

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Julie DiStefano-Pappas

Project Director

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Barbara Driver

Vice President and Clinical Operations Lead

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Walter Faig

Senior Biostatistician

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Amanda Fournier

Senior Clinical Data Manager

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Jennifer Fulton

Senior Biostatistician

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Roslyn (Roz) Hennessey

Senior Study Director

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Martha Hering

Associate Director

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Jenny Hopkins

Project Manager

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Jennifer Huang

Senior Study Director

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Alecia Janney

Senior Study Director

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Deepak Khatry

Associate Director and Biostatistics Lead

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Melissa King

Vice President and Associate Director

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Lauren Laimon

Project Director

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Karen Martier

Vice President & Associate Director

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Karen Megazzini

Senior Epidemiologist

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Aileen (Kim) Nguyen

Senior Pharmacovigilance Associate

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Georgine Price

Project Manager

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Cristina Rabadán-Diehl

Associate Director

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Lawrence Ragard

Senior Study Director

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Ravi Rajaram

Vice President and IT Lead

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Karla Richie

Senior Clinical Data Manager

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Kathleen Robergeau-Hunt

Project Director

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Whitney Smith

Associate Director and Data Services and Development Lead

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Michele Snyder

Project Manager

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Julia Solarczyk Donnelly

Regulatory Affairs Lead

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Tracy Wolbach

Project Director

View Jennifer Yunis profile

Jennifer Yunis

Quality Assurance Manager