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Deepak Khatry

Associate Director and Biostatistics Lead

Deepak B. Khatry, Ph.D., is an Associate Director and Biostatistics Lead in Westat’s Clinical Trials Practice. Dr. Khatry is a statistician with over 20 years of in-depth biomedical experience in drug discovery research and clinical development of small and large molecule drugs, as well as biomarkers, diagnostics, and medical devices. His experience spans multiple therapeutic areas, and he specializes in developing efficient clinical trial designs, application of statistical methodologies for biomarker discovery and precision medicine development, and analyses of data to generate real-world evidence to support product marketing claims and guide clinical decisionmaking. Dr. Khatry is an inventor of a patented statistical algorithm (ELEN-Index) for classifying sputum eosinophilic asthmatics and made significant contributions to the development and clinical communication of Benralizumab (marketed by AstraZeneca as Fasenra) for treating severe eosinophilic asthma.

Dr. Khatry has published over 50 book chapters and peer-reviewed articles/abstracts in statistical and biomedical journals and is often invited to speak at professional conferences and contribute as a peer reviewer.

Prior to joining Westat, Dr. Khatry served as a Science Associate Director and Personalized Healthcare Biostatistics Team Leader in the Statistical Sciences Department at MedImmune, LLC, the biologics division of AstraZeneca, where he provided statistical leadership in drug R&D programs in respiratory, oncology, and cardiovascular indications.

Earlier, Dr. Khatry worked in non-clinical/preclinical/clinical research at Sugen/Pharmacia/Pfizer (contributing to the development of the cancer drug Sutent), Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, and the Harvard Clinical Research Institute (HCRI). At HCRI, he served as a statistical team leader on a variety of phase 2-4 drug and medical device clinical trials and as an independent statistician in DMCs for Pfizer’s rheumatoid- and osteoarthritis drug Celebrex.

Selected Publications and Presentations

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PhD, Biometrics (Natural Resources), University of Michigan

Post-doctoral research, Carnegie Institution for Science, Stanford University