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Lauren Laimon

Project Director

Lauren Laimon is a Project Director with 19 years of clinical trials experience. Currently, she leads the coordinating center for the NICHD Prevention and Treatment through a Comprehensive Care Continuum for HIV-affected Adolescents in Resource Constrained Settings (PATC3H) program. PATC3H aims to generate the needed scientific innovation that will yield effective public health interventions for 10- to 24-year-old adolescents and young adults affected by HIV in resource-limited settings in Brazil and sub-Saharan Africa.

Ms. Laimon has also managed a complex pharma study for a treatment for severe COVID-19. She was responsible for the recruitment and readying of sites across the United States and coordinated day-to-day operations including the oversight of regulatory, site monitoring, data collection/analysis, and safety activities.

Ms. Laimon has served on numerous education and training panels as well as promotion and public awareness panels. She has created educational materials and has been responsible for developing and testing informational products for a national health communications campaign. In addition, she has extensive experience developing websites, planning major conferences, and has assisted in the development and implementation of various in-person and web-related trainings.

Selected Publications and Presentations

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MS, Clinical Research Administration, George Washington University

BBA, James Madison University