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Lawrence Ragard

Senior Study Director

Dr. Lawrence R. Ragard is a Senior Study Director in Westat’s Clinical Trials Practice. He is a physician with 15 years of experience in internal medicine and 20+ years in medical research. Dr. Ragard has experience in cancer prevention research and the development of data collection tools and procedures to abstract data from medical records to better understand cancer causes and risk factors. As a member of research teams, Dr. Ragard participates in analytic design, information synthesis, interpretation of findings, and preparation of publications.

His recent focus is the national coverage analysis work for NCI’s Cancer Trials Support Unit designed to assist sites with study setup and based on feedback from physicians and site staff activating clinical trials at their sites. The coverage analysis is a review of all clinical trial tests, procedures, and interventions to determine whether or not they are billable to Medicare, Medicaid, or a third-party payer. Dr. Ragard has developed expertise in this area and is serving as a resource to the program.

In previous work as a staff physician in internal medicine at the Walter Reed Army Medical Center, Dr. Ragard treated patients; trained residents, interns, and medical students; and, at one time, managed the Center’s Physical Examination Section.

Dr. Ragard is an elected Fellow of the American College of Physicians.

Selected Publications and Presentations

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  6. Ragard, L. (2012, April). Understanding changes in colorectal cancer coding and data collection (invited plenary session presenter). National Association of Cancer Registrars Annual Meeting, Oxon Hill, MD.
  7. Ragard, L. (2017, March). NCI’s Cancer Trials Support Unit clinical trials coverage analysis (invited lecture presenter). 11th Annual Clinical Trial Billing and Research Compliance Conference, The Woodlands, TX.
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MD, Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences School of Medicine

BA, Biology, English, Geography, Bucknell University