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Stephen Black

Manager of Biostatistics

Stephen Black is a Manager of Biostatistics with 25+ years of experience in the biopharmaceutical industry. As group manager for the design and analysis section within the Clinical Trials Practice, he oversees programming support on projects, including those requiring production of tabulation and analysis datasets, tables, figures, and listings, as well as program testing and quality control for statistical projects.

Mr. Black contributes his knowledge of SAS programming to analyses of safety and efficacy on many projects. As project leader, he coordinates a team of SAS programmers in analyzing data. In addition, Mr. Black is responsible for the creation of macros for a generalized SAS sample library, which includes programs that can be copied and used on any study for any client. As randomization coordinator, he oversees list-based randomizations and consults on issues that arise on various randomization projects. Mr. Black is also a member of the team that oversees the implementation of Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium (CDISC) standards at Westat.

He previously worked as a biostatistician in the neurology area of the clinical trials group at Hoffmann-La Roche. Mr. Black has worked with SAS since 1991.

Selected Publications and Presentations

  1. Mitchell, R., Brown, R., Fulton, J., Alexander, M., and Black, S. (2019). Do-it-yourself CDISC! A case study of Westat’s successful implementation of CDISC standards on a fixed budget. PharmaSUG 2019 Conference Proceedings. Chapel Hill, NC: PharmaSUG. Available at: https://www.pharmasug.org/us/2019/papers.html#SS-337.
  2. Zaoutis, T., Bhatnagar, S., Black, S., Coffin, S., Downes, K., Fisher, B., Gerber, J., Green, M., Lautenbach, E., Liston, K., Martin,  J., Muniz, G., Myers, S., O’Connor, S., Rowley, E., Shaikh, N., Shope, T., and Hoberman, A. (2020, 10). Short course therapy for urinary tract infections in children: The SCOUT study (poster). IDWeek 2020, Philadelphia, PA. Available at: https://www.eventscribe.net/2020/IDWeek/aaStatic.asp?SFP=UUFEUUxZVVFANDQ2OA.
  3. Fulton, J. and Black, S. (May, 2023), CDISC Conformance and Compliance: So Many Resources, So Little Time! (paper presenter). PharmaSUG, San Francisco, CA. Available at: https://www.pharmasug.org/proceedings/2023/SS/PharmaSUG-2023-SS-059.pdf


MS, Statistics, Texas Tech University BS, Mathematics, University of Texas at Austin