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Walter Faig

Senior Biostatistician

Walter Faig is a senior biostatistician with 6 years of experience in statistical inference as well as  analytic approaches and data requirements. He conducts data cleaning and permuting and statistical evaluations. In current work, Dr. Faig provides summary information for quality assurance board reviews for thermoregulation initiatives focusing on time and duration patients in hypothermic state. His work includes bivariate analyses, ICC, regression analyses, trajectory analyses, and plots. In earlier project work, he has  analyzed new opioid use guidelines, examined the effectiveness of learning interventions on child perception of skin disease, and performed all the exploratory variable analyses and the primary longitudinal regression analyses looking at association of Juvenile idiopathic arthritis and uveitis.

Dr. Faig has served as a clinical data analyst for Rush University Medical Center, where he worked with clinicians on study design and provided statistical inference and summary data for a host of research projects.

Dr. Faig is skilled with a wide variety of statistical and programming software and is conversant with Mandarin and German.

Publications and Presentations

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PhD, Mathematics, University of California at San Diego

BS, Mathematics and Physics, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign