Westat offers comprehensive biostatistical support for interventional and observational studies with a focus on Phase I to IV randomized controlled clinical trials and multisite investigations.

Westat’s expertise extends to comprehensive biostatistical support for interventional and observational studies, including Phase I to IV randomized controlled trials and multisite investigations.

Comprehensive Support

Our team’s years of combined expertise make for flexible, rigorous solutions to address end-to-end biostatistical needs. We provide data analysis methods for both interim and final analyses following established industry standards – pivoting to meet the needs of your study and reporting requirements at each stage of the process. Westat’s biostatistical services include:

  • Designing conventional and adaptive studies
  • Developing statistical sections of protocols
  • Calculating sample size/power
  • Conducting simulations to assess probability of trial success
  • Developing randomization procedures
  • Accounting for missing values and multiplicity adjustments
  • Preparing Statistical Analysis Plans
  • Preparing Clinical Data Interchange Standards Consortium (CDISC) data packages, including legacy data conversion
  • Programming Tables, Listings, and Figures (TLFs) for Clinical Study Reports (CSRs) and other interim reports
  • Providing support for Investigational New Drug application development for drugs and biologics
  • Preparing integrated summaries of safety and efficacy
  • Developing conference presentations and manuscripts
  • Providing statistical support for data monitoring committees
  • Designing data analysis methods for interim and final analyses, such as multivariate modeling of survival/time-to-event and repeated measures/longitudinal analyses, analysis of event rates, meta-analyses, and multiple imputation

Westat’s biostatistical work is performed following our standard operating procedures, providing rigor and credibility and established to comply with industry standards.  Westat has been a proud gold-level member with the CDISC organization since 2017.

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