Project Management

Westat provides a solid foundation for success with a laser focus on details and time-tested approaches to keeping your project on time and on budget.

Skillful project management is the foundation of Westat’s long track record of success in conducting, supporting, and monitoring clinical trials and epidemiologic studies. Our project managers achieve project goals with an unwavering focus on quality control, milestones and deliverables, budgets, and client satisfaction as well as day-to-day oversight of all operations.

Experience-Informed Operations

Westat knows that high-quality, credible results – delivered on time and on budget – are of paramount importance to sponsors. Experience has shown us that delivering these results successfully depends on a team of expert professionals, working together under the direction of a project manager who can foster a shared sense of purpose, mastery of core competencies, support, collaboration, and mentorship.

This time-tested learning has given rise to Westat’s trusted methods for ensuring a well-tuned project from start to finish. We entrust our teams of experts in many disciplines to our project managers’ direction to plan, manage, and optimize resources across each project. Our project managers are steeped in a Westat-designed and developed Project Management Course reinforcing successful skills, policies, and methodologies and emphasizing:

  • Adherence to standard operating procedures (SOPs), including a Project Management SOP, associated tools, templates, and guidance
  • Promotion of professional growth, knowledge sharing, and best practices through mentorship, project management working groups, and access to in-house subject matter experts and consultants

The high retention rate of project managers is a testament to our positive employee-owned corporate culture—dedicated to collaboration, quality, and sponsor satisfaction.

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