Site Management and Monitoring

Westat provides reliable, comprehensive services to optimize site performance along with a performance history that ensures high quality, integrity, and compliance.

From site selection and management to monitoring, site contract negotiation, and implementation, Westat provides a full suite of comprehensive site-related services critical to the success of your clinical trial.

Expert Site Selection

Drawing on the discerning insights of our expert team, Westat employs tools and resources to select appropriate sites based on key criteria. We carefully assess sites based on their credentials, staff experience, ability to recruit eligible participants, and resources to successfully conduct each trial according to the approved protocol.

Reliable Execution

Our team also provides reliable and trustworthy execution of end-to-end site management activities needed to successfully complete each clinical trial, including:

  • Negotiation and implementation of the site contracts
  • Participant recruitment, enrollment, and retention
  • Vendor management and oversight, including development of project-specific work instructions and procedures

Comprehensive, Tailored Site Monitoring

Westat coordinates all aspects of clinical trial site monitoring to ensure that all protocols and regulations governing clinical research compliance are met with keen attention to data quality and integrity. We draw on our team’s extensive experience and insight to empower site staff to conduct efficient, effective, safe clinical trials and deliver credible clinical data for our sponsors.

Westat offers three methods of site monitoring visits, each of which can be customized and blended depending on the specific needs of your clinical trial:

  • Centralized monitoring: A risk-based approach consisting of a remote evaluation carried out at a location other than the sites at which the clinical trial is being conducted, including identification of trends that may indicate areas of potential risk
  • Remote monitoring: An approach that provides electronic evaluation of clinical data from a location other than the clinical site by clinical site monitors
  • On-site monitoring: A traditional site monitoring approach that provides clinical site monitors who review data and documentation in-person at a clinical site

Flexibility and Responsiveness

All clinical trials operate within ever-changing research environments that must respond to real-world circumstances – and Westat provides a unique combination of expertise and creativity to pivot when those circumstances change. For example, when the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic forced clinical sites to restrict facility access and halt in-person visits, we acted quickly to redefine procedures, implement new remote monitoring tools, and strengthen risk assessment protocols. These ultimately improved our capabilities and efficiencies for site monitoring – not just during a global crisis, but overall.

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